Corporate social responsibility includes economic, environmental and social aspects. A bridge between suppliers and customers, we hold a unique position to understand and create a healthy balance between people, profit and planet.

Sustainable development
The challenges the world is facing are inherently complex. Topics like the environment, fair trade and food safety have a clear impact on the whole supply chain. We recognise that sustainable development is required to enhance the fragile balance between people, planet and profit.

Tailored approach
As every company within the Acomo Group has a unique presence in the supply chain, a tailored approach is necessary. We are committed to initiating, facilitating and aligning all initiatives addressing the challenges and opportunities in our pursuit of a sustainable future.

Responsible high quality products
In 2014 we started the project ‘Road to Sustainable Growth’. It helps us to create a better understanding about our impact and our role in supporting the development of sustainable supply chains. By working together with our partners and by focusing on our own operations we are in the position to deliver responsible high quality products.