Being a good employer
We promote a culture of mutual respect without discrimination and harassment.

Talent and diversity.
People and their talents decide the business success of Acomo. We seek to attract, develop, reward and retain competent and motivated individuals. The organization and its people share a responsibility for a work environment that is healthy, challenging and inspiring. Diversity in the workforce is crucial in such an environment.

Honesty, integrity and respect
The Acomo Group is committed to conduct its business with honesty, integrity, respect and is complying with all applicable laws. We highly value our relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and other partners. Today we work under a uniform Code of Conduct that represents Acomo as a group. The Acomo Code of Conduct outlines our shared ethical standards for conducting business throughout the world.

Whistleblower procedure
In line with the Code of Conduct, Acomo has a Whistleblower procedure that applies for all companies within the Group. This procedure ensures that all stakeholders of the Acomo Group have the possibility to confidentially report any alleged irregularities of a general, operational and financial nature.