13 March 2017
Amsterdam Commodities (Acomo) NV, the Euronext Amsterdam listed trader in spices, edible seeds, nuts, tea and food ingredients, is proposing to appoint CFO Allard Goldschmeding as Group Managing Director and switch to a one-tier board governance system this year. The Supervisory Board will submit its proposals for approval to the AGM on April 25, 2017....
9 March 2017
  Today Acomo published its 2016 annual report, which includes full details on the company’s 2016 results. The 2016 annual report can be downloaded at A printed edition will be available in the coming weeks.
16 February 2017
In 2016, consolidated sales of Amsterdam Commodities N.V. (Acomo) increased by 0.1% to € 682.3 million (2015: € 681.6 million). The total gross margin increased by 4.1% and thereby increased our gross margin as a percentage of sales with 0.7 percentage points. The discontinuation of applying hedge accounting for Spices and Nuts had a positive...
25 January 2017
Amsterdam Commodities N.V. (‘Acomo’) has extended its current working capital bank facilities for a total of € 200 Million with a three year term.   The conditions of the facilities have improved and reflect the trust that the group of banks have in the company, says CFO Allard Goldschmeding. Again, the facilities have a three...
20 October 2016
Rotterdam, 20 October 2016 – Amsterdam Commodities NV (Acomo), the Euronext-listed trading house, announces that Erik Rietkerk has informed the Supervisory Board he will not be available for a new term as CEO after May 2017. Erik Rietkerk joined Acomo in 2013, switching from the production and trade of palm oil and oleochemical products to...
21 July 2016
Major events and developments H1 2016 Food commodity pricing was volatile in the first six months of 2016 due to the influence of El Niño. While various spice and tea price levels rose, in some cases significantly, other commodities such as nuts went down in price and then stabilized later in the period. Prices of...
3 May 2016
The Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM), held on 26 April 2016, adopted the 2015 financial statements and determined the dividend due to holders of ordinary shares for the 2015 financial year at EUR 1.00 per share. After deduction of the interim dividend of EUR 0.40, which was paid out in August 2015, the final dividend amounts to...
24 March 2016
Today Acomo published a short Dutch version of the annual report 2015. The full 2015 annual report and the short version of the report in Dutch can be downloaded at
23 March 2016
The Home Member State of Amsterdam Commodities N.V. for the purposes of the Transparency Directive of the European Union (Directive 2004/109/EC, as amended) is the Netherlands.   Download press release (UK and NL)
3 March 2016
Today Acomo published its 2015 annual report, which includes full details on the company’s 2015 results. The 2015 annual report can be downloaded at A printed edition and a Dutch summary will be available in the coming weeks. The agenda for the annual general meeting on 26 April 2016 is available on