Trading Update – third quarter 2014
23 October 2014

Amsterdam Commodities N.V. (‘Acomo’) reports that the year 2014 continues to develop well.

In the third quarter of 2014 (hereafter called ‘Q3 2014’), consolidated sales were 7.6% higher than in Q3 2013, resulting in an increase of consolidated sales in the first nine months of 2014 by 3.2% to € 455.8 million (first nine months of 2013: € 441.8 million). The Q3 2014 gross profit margin as a percentage of sales continued at the same level as in Q3 2013 and the Q3 2014 operational profit and net profit, exclusive of the negative impact of some specific items in Q3 2013, were both slightly higher than in Q3 2013.

Various markets and products therein show volatile price developments and inherent risks within those supply chains where the Acomo companies are active. We cannot predict future developments, however, the Management Board anticipates that the Group will be able to realize a 2014 consolidated net profit level that will exceed the 2013 net profit level.

Since 1 July 2014 to date, a total of 69,625 new Acomo shares were issued due to employees exercising their options as part of the Acomo Share Option Plan, bringing the total outstanding number of Acomo shares as at today to 23,766,701.

The Acomo Supervisory Board and Acomo Management Board

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