Spices and Nuts
We source and distribute spices, nuts, dried fruits and dehydrated vegetables to and from over 80 countries all over the world. With a global network of partners we maintain constant contact with growing areas and production centres to keep up with market developments.

Acomo companies
The companies involved in this segment are Catz InternationalKing Nuts & Raaphorst, Delinuts and Tovano. Together they represent years of experience and expertise, for a large part contributed by Catz International whose history dates back to 1856.

The product range of this segment consists of tropical products such as pepper, nutmeg and desiccated coconut, shelled and unshelled nuts, dried fruits, dehydrated vegetables, herbs, chocolate, rice crackers and snack products.

Our role in the supply chain
The Acomo companies are mainly involved with the sourcing, distributing, blending, roasting, salting and packaging of the spices and nuts.