King Nuts & Raaphorst
Part of the group since 2010

King Nuts & Raaphorst
King Nuts & Raaphorst is an established name in the world of nuts, dried fruit, rice crackers and superfoods. Since 1981 the company has been importing from around the world to supply customers in Europe and beyond.

Consistent top result
King Nuts & Raaphorst import their products in bulk. Nuts are processed in their own production facility and are tested for quality at every stage of the process. Qualified employees in combination with the most modern equipment guarantee a consistent top result.

Packaging and Distribution
Upgraded products are packaged to suit the buyers’ needs. King Nuts & Raaphorst supplies products in bulk packaging. With a storage capacity of 5,000 pallets in a number of factory warehouses the company has the necessary in-house-scope and space to ensure fast and consistent quality. Their products are transported daily by their own vehicle fleet as well as by external carriers.