Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Statement
The statement concerning Corporate Governance as referred to in article 2A of the Decree laying down additional requirements for Annual Reports ( vaststellingsbesluit nadere voorschriften inhoud jaarverslag) can be downloaded from the list on this page.

Deviations from the Dutch Corporate Governance Code
Acomo has always sought to enhance its governance in line with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code (‘the Code’, see and international best practices. Any substantial changes  in Acomo’s corporate governance structure will be submitted for approval to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (‘the AGM’).

On 8 December 2016 the Corporate Governance Monitoring Committee published an update to the Code, replacing the previous version (2008). Acomo supports the new Code while maintaining some of  its departures from the Code. These departures can be found in our Annual Report in the chapter “Governance”.

As a publicly listed company, Acomo stands for:

  • One share, one vote
  • No certification of shares
  • No anti-takeover mechanisms
  • Not a so called ‘structuurvennootschap’

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Compliance with Dutch Corporate Governance Code
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