SIGCO Warenhandel
Part of the group since 2014

SIGCO Warenhandel
SIGCO Warenhandel provides a broad range of edible seeds such as poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. It also makes SunnyPaste®, a very versatile semi-finished product for the confectionary and chocolate industry.

First-class products
Known for their first-class products and personal approach, SIGCO Warenhandel is seen as a reliable business partner. At origin or when cleaning and sorting in Europe, the company ensures that the quality and contract performance are guaranteed.

Baking and confectionary industry
The guarantee of quality and contract performance has contributed to the fact that SIGCO Warenhandel is considered one of the leading suppliers of companies in the European baking and confectionary industry, in particular the German baking industry, where significant quantities of edible seeds are processed.