Organic Ingredients
In addition to conventional agricultural products, we offer an extensive range of premium, certified organic food products and ingredients.

Acomo company
Since the early 1980s, Tradin Organic has set the standard in the sourcing, processing and supply of premium, certified organic food ingredients. Its extensive worldwide network connects organic farmers in more than 80 countries with processors and customers in Europe, Asia and the US.

Tradin’s product portfolio covers more than 230 products across a wide range of categories. In addition to organic alternatives to products in Acomo’s four other segments, Tradin offers categories such as cocoa, coffee, (frozen) fruit and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, oils, premium juice. All products 100% organic.

Our role in the supply chain
In addition to its role as a frontrunner, Tradin has added several manufacturing facilities to its group, where organic agricultural produce is transformed into healthy, value-added food ingredients.