Food Solutions
We produce and distribute natural food ingredients as single ingredients or functional blends to the food industry. Our applications are found in sauces, soups, meat and fish preparations and desserts.

Acomo company
The activities in this segment are performed by the Acomo company Snick EuroIngredients. It delivers single-product ingredients as well as customized functional blends that are tailor-made to customers’ specifications. In 2015 Tefco EuroIngredients joined Snick EuroIngredients to form a single EuroIngredients proposition to fully cover the Benelux.

Product range
This segment is all about flavours, functional additives and specialties. We provide meat tastes, yeast extracts, vegetable tastes, cheese tastes, spices and herbal blends. In functional additives we provide system solutions such as natural colourings, texturisers and sweeteners. In specialties we make products such as vegetarian Worchester sauce.

Our role in the supply chain
Considering the supply chain we are not involved in the processing of the natural product in the beginning, like extraction, fermentation and conversion. Our role starts with the distribution of natural ingredients and with the processing of functional food ingredient blends. In Ruddervoorde, Belgium, we have a product development team in place to supply customers with innovative ingredients and concepts.