Company Profile

Holding company
ACOMO N.V., better known as Acomo, is the holding company of an international group of companies that sources, trades, treats, processes, packages and distributes natural ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Our product range comprises more than 600 products, covering more than 100 countries.

Operating companies
All group companies trade under their own name and for their own account. All companies have their own management teams and their own product portfolio.

Long-term sustainable growth
Autonomous value creation within the operating companies is one of two parallel efforts to achieve long-term sustainable growth. The other one is the acquisition of leading companies in conventional and organic niche food ingredients. In particular companies where our trading and financial expertise can provide added value for growth.

Shared principles
Based on shared principles such as absolute reliability of contracts, effective risk management and socially responsible entrepreneurship, we are committed to adding value to the complete supply chain and focus on above average results. Bridging the needs of our suppliers and clients.