Corporate Governance

Governance policies and principles

Corporate Governance Statement

The statement concerning Corporate Governance as referred to in article 2A of the Decree laying down additional requirements for Annual Reports ( vaststellingsbesluit nadere voorschriften inhoud jaarverslag) can be downloaded from the list on this page.

Deviations from the Dutch Corporate Governance Code
The code Tabaksblat has been actualised and replaced by the so-called ‘Code Frijns’, which came into effect for accounting years starting on January 1, 2009. Acomo has aligned its corporate governance policies with the principles and the best practice rules of Code Frijns, except on matters for which Acomo has substantive grounds to deviate from the standard recommendation. These exceptions, together with the other statements relating to corporate governance matters can be found in our Annual Report 2016 in the chapter policies.

As a publicly listed company, Acomo stands for:

  • One share, one vote
  • No certification of shares
  • No anti-takeover mechanisms
  • Not a so called ‘structuurvennootschap’